Careers After SAFT

Fashion Designer

He is the primary force who determines in advance each season's hottest fashions. They are what we call as the "Gurus of Fashion - The Trend Setters". They have a strong sense of shape and color that could suit an individual.

Textile Designer

No matter how good a design maybe, it is of no value unless it is given shape on the right fabric. The role of a Textile Designer is no less than that of a Fashion Designer in this glamorous field of Fashion. They are "The Heart and Kidney's" of the Fashion Industry.

Theatre Costumer

A Theatre Costumer creates the costumes used in Theatre, Films and Television. He works closely with the directors and producers to create convincing wardrobe.

Technical Designer

They are the creative problem solvers who determines the most efficient method of producing a garment to fit a particular market and price print. He works closely with the designers and manufacturers and travels frequently to the fashion market.

Assistant Designer

Assistant Designers work under leading Fashion Designers and are popularly called their "Right Hand Persons". They translate the original sketch of the designer into a finished sample garment using their technical skills of pattern making.


He is a person who keeps an eye on the day to day production processes occurring within an Industry.

Sample Coordinator

He is the person who approves the samples and rectifies their defects.