Chairman's Message Message


Welcome to SAFT, I hope that your tour of our institute-What we do, How we do it and why we do it through our informative site will give you a clear understanding of what we at SAFT mean when we talk about the "Business of Fashion".

At SAFT we truly understand that fashion is a serious business but at the same time you have unlimited horizons to explore and create a niche in the glamour world at a very early stage in your career.

At SAFT we believe in the fact "That winners dont do different things, they do things differently". Adhering to this statement we make it a point that each student of SAFT is a winner in his own respect by providing an education which is truly par excellence.

Through our dedication and hard work one thing is for sure that SAFT is here to stay and the growth graph of SAFT is headed only one way, and that is up.

Avinash Singhal