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Exclusive Business Offer

You are welcome to be a part of the SAFT family and discover what is so different about the working at SAFT what we proudly call - "The SAFT Prodigy". Our opulence lies in our unique course curriculum, Innovative Ideas by the management and a dedicated team of teachers. You can also be a part of the SAFT family and share the secret Mantra of Success, provided you have a strong inclination, prime location, business acumen and invest able funds. To select a Franchise SAFT works on the following criteria.
> Academic Qualification > Entrepreneurial and Managerial Skills
> Complete focus towards running of the centre > Strong Financial backing
> A zeal to surge ahead > Quest for perfection


An Exclusive Franchise would be for four years, and the offer can be renewed depending upon the performance and other relevant terms.


On selection an Exclusive Franchise is required to pay Half the Franchise Fee and the rest within 3 months of the Launch of the centre.

> The Exclusive Franchise is required to keep all accounts updated for the information of the Head Office.
> The Exclusive Franchise is required to comply with rules, regulations and guidelines issued by the Head Office.
>  The Head Office reserves the Right to carry out inspection of the Franchise office and their Account books without any prior notice.


The Marketing agency of SAFT has done a wide survey by taking a sample from each major town in all the major towns of India. On the basis of the analysis provided by them, the different cities have been divided in three categories i.e. A, B and C.


The minimum covered area of the building in which the Centre is proposed to be opened should not be less than 1200 sq.ft. with full scope of expansion so as to include at least two Fashion Design Labs, One lab for Textile Design, One room for the Counselor /Centre Head & One room for the Computer lab. The building can be rented or owned by you or it can be taken on lease basis also. But it must be free from any dispute. The place should be in a prime location, within well reach of the students, especially girls who form the major part of our clientele.

To be the SAFT Franchisee, you should be able to arrange the infrastructure as per the description of SAFT Head Office. Here the investment of capital is not as much of importance, the importance is of an attitude. The attitude towards the fulfillment of your dreams to be the owner of the most prestigious institute of the town.

SAFT supports you with

>  A Great business opportunity besides the Name and Fame of SAFT. >  The full technical know-how.
> Research and Development work. >  Assistance in recruitment of faculty members.

 Course material of teaching including free training sessions for the faculty members from time to time.

> Training session for the Franchisees.
> Marketing Support for the Franchisee centers. > Guidance in setting up the Centre.
> Guidance in launch of the Centre. > Assistance in students activities including academics and co-curricular.
> Examination material and diploma Certificates. > Visit of Guest faculty.
> Audio-visual aids. > Latest computer software for computer aided teaching and learning.

Publicity materials and stationery/books/brochures/leaflets at subsidized rates.


All kind of support especially for organizing events like fashion shows, exhibitions & seminars.

Responsibility of a Franchisee:

As a Franchisee, your major responsibility will be to run the Centre smoothly right from the Launch of the Centre as per the guidelines of the SAFT Head Office. Apart from this the transaction of business with SAFT Head Office will also be an exclusive responsibility of yours.

You are required to:

> Recruit faculty as per Head Office guidelines.
> Generate local enquiries and carry out admission schedule.
> Participate in the Events and Advertising carried out by the Head Office.
> Collect fee and other payments in time and furnish the Head Office with all requisite information.

To be a member of SAFT family, you just have to pay a franchise fee depending upon the class of the city you've chosen to open the Centre as per the detail given below:


Grade - A city Rs .2,25,000/-
Grade - B city Rs. 1,75,000/-
Grade - C city Rs. 1,50,000/-

Mode of payment is also very simple, 50% of the amount of the franchise fee is to be paid at the time of signing of the agreement and the remaining 50% within three months of the launch of the centre. The amount should be paid through bank draft of any scheduled bank payable at School of Art & Fashion Technology Pvt. Ltd. Dehra Dun.


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