M.Sc/M.A in Fashion Designing

  • Duration: 2 Years

Master of Business Administration in Fashion Designing also known as MBA or Master of Fashion Designing is a two-year Post Graduation program which is aimed at helping the students in developing the skills which are required to assess business opportunities and create new ventures. At SAFT, we also help our MBA students with the management of all types of organizations.

1 Principles of Management 2 Production and Material Management
3 Labour and Business Laws 4 Clothing Technology-1
5 Computer Application in Garment Industry 6 Free Hand Drawing
7 Textile Science 8 Design Quality Parameters
9 Human Resource Management 10 Business Communication
1 Asian History of Fashion 2 Eurepeon History of Fashion
3 Introduction to Fashion Industry 4 merican History of Fashion
5 Elements of Fashion 6 Visual Merchandising
7 Clothing Technology-2 8 Entrepreneurship Management
9 Fundamentals of Pattern Designing 10 Project Work & Viva-Voce
1 Fashion Coordinator 2 Fashion Consultant
3 Design Coordinator 4 Fashion Choreographer
5 Fashion Designer 6 Faculty in fashion Institute
7 Free Lance Designer 8 Tourist Resort Designer